Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1. What is BANA?

    Following enumeration will tell you what is BANA.

    a:: BANA is a WiFi Router

    b:: BANA is a WiFi System consisting of Multiple Routers to cover bigger homes. The BANA Routers talk among themselves wirelessly and form a BIGGER WiFi Network.

    c:: BANA is a Wireless Surveillance Camera System, wherein you can attach USB webcams to the BANA WiFi Routers and monitor your premises from anywhere.

  • 2. How can I use BANA?

    a:: A single BANA unit can be used as a WiFi Router

    b:: Two or more units can be used to increase the WiFi coverage and avoid deadspots

    c:: Attach USB Webcams to one or more BANA units to add Surveillance

  • Can I use the Routers for Internet Access and also for Surveillance at the same time?


WiFi Router / WiFi System / Mesh Network

  • 1. How many radios does each Router have?


  • 2. What is the maximum speed?

    300 Mbps

  • Some other Routers offer better speed.

    The answer is little lengthy.

    If you have an Internet Connection with speed below 80Mbps, then BANA fits the bill perfectly. Otherwise we recommend not to go with BANA.

    There is something called throughput which is roughly 50 to 60% of the maximum speed. Throughput is the maximum speed, your clients (Laptop / Smart-Phone etc) can get. In a congested environment it would go down further.

    Advertised speed is the cumulative speed of both the radios present on their Routers. But your clients will get connected with only one radio at any point of time. So effective throughput is only that you get with a single Radio.

    From our experience, we know that with a 11AC radio you would typically get a throughput of 500Mbps in an RF-clean environment with shorter ranges say 4 - 5 feet. It may go down further when the distance between the Router and the client goes up. In a home scenario where there is a lot of interference from Neighbor's Routers, the throughput may be around 200Mbps.

    So the effective throughput is not even half compared to the numbers advertised on the Routers.

    BANA promises you upto 90Mbps of Internet Speed which is too good for most of the homes.

  • What is the range covered by a BANA Network?

    BANA covers upto 1200 square feet.

  • How to configure BANA?

    You can configure BANA using a browser (eg. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) or the Android App that we provide. For initial setup, you need nothing. The moment you are connected with the first BANA Router, you will be automatically redirected to the configuration process.

  • What is the maximum number of BANA Routers that I can install?

    There is no theoritical limit. BANA Network consists of two types of BANA nodes. The Root BANA and Non-Root BANA. The Root-BANA is the one which should be connected with your Modem (For Internet) using an Ethernet cable. The non-Root BANAs will automatically join the BANA Network when they are powered on. The Non-Root BANAs are mainly used to expand the WiFi coverage of the network. There should be exactly one Root-BANA and optionally multiple non-Root BANAs.

  • Do I need to memorise the IP Address to configure BANA?

    No. For initial setup, the moment you are connected with the first BANA Router, you will be automatically redirected to the configuration process. or You can configure through our Android App.

  • How many Root and non-Root BANAs will be there in a typical BANA WiFi System?

    There will be exactly one Root-BANA and any number (from 0) of Non-Root BANA nodes.

  • Do I need to connect a non-Root BANA to Modem?


  • Does BANA WiFi System work without non-Root?


  • Does BANA WiFi System work without Root?


  • Is my data stored in cloud?


  • Where can I place my BANA Routers?

    Anywhere. Weighing 39grams, BANA can be easily placed anywhere like stick to the wall / ceiling or place it on the tables.

  • Can I monitor my network remotely?

    Yes. Monitor BANA from anywhere using our Android App.

  • Can I install the BANA Android App on multiple devices and use in parallel?


  • Any monthly bill or subscription fee for Remote Monitoring?


  • Is parental control supported?


  • Can I block selective websites?



  • Can I connect USB Web-Cams to Root BANA?


  • Can I connect USB Web-Cams to Non-Root BANA?


  • How many Web-Cams I can attach in a Network?

    We recommend to use not more than 8 cameras in a single Network for best quality.

  • Are the captured videos saved in the cloud or locally?

    Videos are saved locally. You need to buy our DVR box and a USB-harddisk to save the videos.

  • Do I need to have a Public IP Address to access the cameras?

    No. Just attach the cameras to the Routers. Thats it.

  • Can I watch the video streams from webcams continuously?

    Yes. There is not limit on the time.

  • Any subscription fee for watching Web-Cams Video Streams?

    No. It is absolutely a FREE service.


  • Can I connect my USB storage device and access the files / vidoes / music or whatever?

    Yes. BANA WiFi System supports USB storage devices. Only USB sticks are supported and USB-harddisks are not supported.

  • Does BANA support smooth roaming for client devices?

    Yes. IEEE 802.11R is supported.

  • Does BANA support backup Internet link?

    Yes. Plug-in your USB-tethered mobile or 4G-USB Dongle into the USB port of the Root BANA. It will be used as backup link when your main Internet connection goes down.

  • Does BANA support USB printers?


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