How it works

Online in a few seconds with Facebook

Nearhop access is free, safe and fast.You don’t need a new subscription with long form to fill out.


Customize your network.

Upload your logo to appear on the Login Screen, Change the name of your wifi network and choose where to redirect your customer once he logged in.



Gain visibility on social networks.

Invite your customers to share their experience and gain more visibility on social networks.



Easy installation

You just need to plugin the Nearhop router to your ADSL modem/router. You already have a WiFi Router? You don't even need cables to connect the routers. Use our web UI, select WiFi network, optionally enter the passwords and connect to it. Simply said, Nearhop powered router acts as a range extender or repeater.

WiFi Statistics

Curious to know who all logged-into your network today? Use WiFi Stats feature. It enumerates the list of all the users logged-in. Icing on the cake: You can download the list in CSV format.

Repeater / Range Extender

Not getting proper signal to the remote corners of your building? Use Repeater feature and connect to your main router. Get all the benefits of Social WiFi in Repeater mode also.


Confused on what channel to operate? Use our RF-Survey feature and find out the best channel for your WiFi router to operate.

Bandwidth limiting

Don’t worry, you choose the broadband quantity to share and your network will never be slow.

Double wifi network

Nearhop router creates two different wifi networks, one it’s private and protected with wpa key just for you, the other public, where your clients can easily connect with their Facebook account.

Parental Control

Want to block Internet to few MAC addresses for some time? No problem. We have a solution for you. User our Parental control feature and schedule the access.



Nearhop has complete expertise and proven track record in building WiFi Routers/Access Points, Embedded Systems and Networking products. In a short span we have offered our services to a bunch of clients. Do you have an interesting problem to resolve? You are at right place. Please contact us at: +91 - 97016 82226 or Following are some of the projects that we delivered.

  • Complete design and development of WiFi Router
  • Complete design and development WiFi Access Point
  • WiFi driver development
  • Design and development of Wireless mesh networks
  • OpenWRT
  • StrongSwan based VPN
  • OpenVPN based VPN
  • Customization of LUCI (UCI and LUA) on OpenWRT
  • Customization of Ath5k/Ath9k/Ath10k/Atheros drivers or any other WiFi driver
  • Add-on WiFi features including(but not limited to)
    • Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
    • Wireless Intrusion Detection System / Wireless Intrustion Prevention System (WIDS/WIPS)
    • Repeater or Range Extender
    • Outdoor WiFi Access Point
    • Client Isolation
    • Hotspot Solution
    • MAC Filter
    • Guest WiFi
    • Parental Control
    • TDMA protocols for Outdoor WiFi Networks
    • Wireless Mesh Networks

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