BANA is the Most Affordable and Vendor Agnostic WiFi System

BANA is the most affordable and vendor agnostic WiFi System or Mesh Network. Choose your Router and install our software. You don't need to worry about installation and configuration. We made it very easy for you. Configuration of the Routers is as simple as pulling a switch or Connecting to a WiFi Network.

BANA Features

WiFi Coverage

One or More BANA Routers talk with each other wirelessly to form a single BIGGER WiFi Network and cover your entire premises. NO more WiFi-deadspots and NO more cables. Easy to setup and configure WiFi Router / System with single Network Name.

Port Scan

Using BANA, discover all the open ports on your client devices (Laptops, Smart-Phones). Open Ports make your devices vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Network Tree

Get tree structured view of all your connected devices and BANA boxes to manage your connected devices.

Printer over WiFi

Attach your USB printer to any of the BANA boxes and Your USB printer is now WiFi enabled and prints files from any device in your network.

Wireless Mesh Network

A Wireless Mesh Network where each BANA connects with multiple other BANA nodes and use the best path over multiple BANA boxes to provide the best quality for your Clients (Laptop/Mobile etc)Internet Access.

Data Usage Report

A beautiful report gives you glimpse of the data usage for each device connected to your network on periodic basis. (30 days historic data available).

Parental Control

Block and Unblock devices you use. Schedule Internet Access for everyday in a week with minutes precision. Block specific websites that you dont want to be opened.

Bandwidth Report and Control

Get the current Bandwidth of each Connected Client. Set Bandwidth Limit at device level to embrace yourself from FUP limits and unwanted usage.

4G Back Up

Backup your Network with 4G USB-dongle or USB-tethered Mobile Phone. In case wired internet goes down , BANA automatically switches to 4G connection.

File Server

Attach USB drives (No USB hard-disks for now) and access its content on connected devices.


Theoretically there is no limit on the number of BANA boxes that you can add into your network. For quality purposes we recommend not more than 16 BANA boxes and not more than 8 cameras.

Easy Installation

Easy installation of BANA boxes in a secure way to pair all to form single mesh network. Transparent firmwre upgrades to BANA boxes with single click and minimal impact on your network.

Why you need BANA

WiFi Features

You will get all useful features that you usually find only in expensive WiFi Routers.

NO Subscription Fee

WiFi Coverage

Your existing router can’t cover your home fully and there are WiFi deadspots. Switch to BANA Network.

Full Control

Control everything on your Network including blocking/unblocking clients for the benefit of your beloved family members.

Mesh Power

You developed some application which needs a Mesh Network and your existing Router does n't support Mesh. Switch to BANA Network.

Backup Internet

If your Internet connection goes down, your devices lose Internet connectivity. BANA switches automatically to 4G Network.


BANA Routers run on one of the most popular OpenSource Router platforms, OpenWRT.



Throughout our career(s), we are into building WiFi Routers, WiFi Range Extenders, WiFi Mesh Neworks and Access Points. You might already be using or have used the products that we built for other companies. With huge experience backing us, we have started this journey of building BANA. Explore more about us at,